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To contact Innovac Online send e-mail to: info@innovac.de
Company name:
Innovac GmbH
Managing Director:
Cathy Farrar
General Director:
Dr. rer. nat. Mohammad Ehsasi
Commercial registry number:
HRB 29 856
VAT Reg.No.:
DE 136 700 387
Registration court and office:
Local District Court of Berlin / Charlottenburg
Innovac GmbH Berlin
Rheinstraße 46
12161 Berlin
Telephone: +49 (0)30 793 14 38
Telefax: +49 (0)30 793 18 44
Email: info@innovac.de

Content Responsibility: Managing Director: Cathy Farrar

Programming and Layout: Frank Neeven
Privacy policy:
Innovac GmbH takes the privacy of its website visitors very seriously. The information that is requested on our form is necessary for making an offer for you. It is your decision to release the information. We will save the requested information only insofar as it helps us to make an offer to you and to establish contact with you. Your personal information will not be released to third parties. The personnel of Innovac are legally bound to this privacy policy.