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About us
About us
Founded in 1994, Innovac GmbH has many years of experience in the buying and selling of used machines and production lines. Whether it is a single machine or a complete factory, whether it is in the area of food processing, packaging or metalworking industries (to name only a few), our wide range of expertise makes us your ideal partner for used machines.
About us
Food processing machines
Dairy processing machines and equipment, homogenizers and pasteurizers
Flour mill machines
Cooling tunnels, evaporators and drying plants
Packing and filling lines
Cup filling and sealing machines, shrink tunnels
Beverage filling and sealing machines, TetraPak machines
Other machines and production lines
Electric generators, refrigerating plants, compressors and steam boilers
Machines and plants for chemical processing, materials handling and warehouse technology
Textile machinery
Plastics processing machines
Extrusion plants, mould blowing and thermoforming machines
Injection moulding, deep-drawing machines
Foaming machines
Complete factories
Refrigerator production plant Brand name, German manufacturer (280 containers)
Ice cream processing facility Hannover, Germany (76 containers)
Dairy production facility 280,000 l capacity milk processing per day Thüringen, Germany 51 containers and 11 oversized transports (flatbeds) (special-permit transports)
Sandwich panel production facility Malta (38 containers)
Flour mill 300 Tons per day Berlin, Germany (30 containers)
Soya flour mill Hamburg, Germany (30 trucks)
Juice processing and filling line Hamburg, Germany (22 trailer trucks)
Flour mill 250 Tons per day Leipzig, Germany (22 containers)
Can filling line Hamburg, Germany (15 containers)
Metalworking machines
Sheet metalworking machines, profiling machines
Folding presses, hole punching machines
Phosphating machines and enamelling lines
Machining centers, erosion machines
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Our team of specialists and partners with whom we have worked over many years are able to cover all services associated with the buying and selling of used machines-from the initial assessment of your production facility to the final transport of the machines.
Innovac Firmenprofil
Assessment | We value your machines
A successful sale is based on a realistic price. But you have to look beyond the book value of a machine. The key to selling a machine is the determination of its market value. Innovac will visit your production site, evaluate the condition of the machine and determine how saleable it is while keeping in mind the demands of the market. And if our assessment is positive, we’ll make you a fair offer.
Marketing | International contacts mean buyers worldwide
Who will pay the going price? Over the years, Innovac has created unique sales channels that allow us to make targeted offers of machines. Our company magazine Trade and Contact has paved the way for prospective buyers to inform us easily of what machines they are looking for and to open up to us their own networks of prospective buyers. It is likely that we already know of managers and owners of production facilities in other parts of the world who would be interested in having your machines.
Transaction | A solid deal
Once a buyer for your machines has been found, contracts must be drawn up and modes of payment determined: Is payment to be made by direct transfer? FOB? Letter of credit? We will assist you with all matters concerning the transaction. Or Innovac can close the deal for you directly.
Dismantling, packing and transport | Clean and safe
Upon closing the deal, Innovac can take care of all logistics relating to dismantling, packing and transport. Together with our partners in logistics, with whom we have had many years of experience, we can ensure a smooth and clean dismantling process and a safe transport of your machines. In the shortest time possible, you will have the extra space in your production facility for moving in your new machines.
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We look forward to working with you
Please send us a short message, and we will be happy to contact you directly.
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